Skylight creates emotions. If you rest under it, you can easily relax and just enjoy looking at the stars. The indirect light in the middle illuminates the ceiling additionally and the design lives by the contrast between the geometric forms and the freely arranged stars. Skylight is very easily integrated into the most different interiors. But as soon as it is illuminated, it draws attention and creates the impression of a dome out of light. The single light points seem to hover. Especially the version with the stars in the sky perfectly fits in rooms where people like to relax or calm down or even children‘s rooms. It is possible to customize the lamp and create every pattern on the dome that is imaginable and of course the size is also variable.

Diameter:        50 cm and on request

LED Color       ~ 6000 K or ~ 2700 K

Wattage:        ~ 10W / ~ 650 lm

Illuminant:       LEDs

Voltage (V):     230 V

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